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Dual Fitness Solution Treadmill


The First Fitness Equipment Designed for the Health and Well-Being of You and Your Dog!

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Product Description

We are excited to announce that we have designed and launched the first piece of equipment designed for the health and well-being of you and your dog in conjunction with Orbit Fitness here in Western Australia!

The Dual Fitness Solution Treadmill has many key benefits for you and your dog and has been endorsed by Veterinarian, Sarah Brighton, B.V.Sc.

  1. Exercise your dog, day or night, in the convenience of your own home
  2. Avoid inclement weather impacting on your dog’s exercise routine and avoid the risk of burning paws on hot surfaces in the summer months
  3. Ensure the provision of adequate exercise to dogs which are too reactive to be walked in public spaces
  4. Increase personal safety by exercising in the comfort of your own home, ideal for long shift workers
  5. Be able to multitask whilst exercising your dog, ideal for a family environment
  6. Improve your dog’s health and well-being by providing mental and physical stimulation
  7. Reduce vet costs by improving your dog’s physical health; preventing obesity, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory distress and related cancers
  8. Be able to control the level of exercise and stimulation for older or rehabilitating dogs, including dogs affected by hip dysplasia or cranial cruciate ligament damage
  9. Provide additional exercise to compensate for a small garden/yard
  10. Ensure that older or less active dog owners are able to provide adequate exercise for their dog

The D.F.S. Treadmill can be purchased for only $2399 or via an Orbit Fitness Ezy Pay payment plan, which includes a high quality Orbit Fitness Treadmill, specially designed Dual Fitness Solution removable rails for the safety and comfort of your dog, a BONUS TRAINING DVD which outlines the 5-step system to guide you to teach your dog to use this product effectively plus FREE Metro delivery and installation

Check out this clip to see this awesome new product in action:

You can also view the product exclusively at Furbaby Boutique & Cafe, Westminster